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Basantkusumakar Ras (Sw.Mo.Am.Yu.)- The ayurvedic tonic for a healthy heart and a sound brain

basant kumar ras for health

heart problemsIs your heart is breathing out of rhythm? Are you suffering from heart diseases? This is the place from where you can gain knowledge about the diseases, causes and also about a cure for the same. Heart disease has become quite common in today’s lifestyle.  But you can prevent them by some lifestyle changes along with healthy diet and correct remedies. Yes, you read it right remedies and not the medicines. Remedies are the perfect way to cure any disease naturally. Heart health is very important if you want to stay healthy and want to live long. But hardly anyone focuses on his/ her heart health.

brainnThis is the reason that you have to suffer from the poor heart health diseases. But not more, through this article, you will get to know about an Ayurvedic remedy which can cure heart-related issues easily. The name of the remedy is Basantkusumakar Ras and by the end of the article, you will get to know about Basantkusumakar Ras (Sw.Mo.Am.Yu.)- The ayurvedic tonic for a healthy heart and a sound brain.

Basantkusumakar Ras

Basantkusumakar RasBasantkusumakar Ras is also known as Vasantkusumakar Ras which can cure lots of disease with so much ease. Basantkusumakar Ras is an Ayurvedic herbal mineral medicine. This medicine can be used as anti-hyperglycemic, aphrodisiac and cardioprotective agent. This medicine is famous to reduce the level of high blood sugar.

In addition to diabetes, Basantkusumakar Ras is recommendable for men’s problem, urinary disorders, nervous disorders and gastric diseases. Basantkusumakar Ras for health is the safest remedy because it can cure brain and memory related issues apart of these.

This medicine contains heavy metals so it is advisable to use this after consulting with your doctor. Basantkusumakar Ras has aphrodisiac properties and along with that it also has

  • Anti-hyperglycemicbasant_kusumakar_ras_baidyanath_
  • Antidiabetic
  • Rejuvenative agent
  • Cardioprotective and cardio tonic
  • Analgesic
  • Androgenic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-stress
  • Antitussive
  • Immune Modulator
  • Muscle relaxant
  • Libido stimulant

These are some medicinal properties of Basantkusumakar Ras which show that there nothing better than Basantkusumakar Ras for health. There are many health benefits of Basantkusumakar Ras and here are some of them.

Basantkusumakar Ras for Health

  • Reduce the levels of high blood sugar
  • Cure the diabetic complications like nerve damage, kidney damage, cardiovascular disease and many more.
  • Diseases of heart and blood vessels- coronary artery disease, Atherosclerosis.Basant kumar ras
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Memory loss
  • Insomnia
  • Breathing problems
  • Fatigue
  • Heart disease
  • Liver disorders
  • Dry cough
  • A headachee due to Nervine weakness

These are some health benefits of Basantkusumakar Ras. There are some studies which show that Basantkusumakar Ras has certain types of properties which can help you to increase the insulin level in plasma. Basantkusumakar Ras can cure the kidney diseases completely without causing any side effect. Basantkusumakar Ras can also reduce the inflammation which can cause kidney diseases.

overall healthyIn general, you can use Basantkusumakar Ras for health and if you want to lose weight, Basantkusumakar Ras is the perfect choice for you. It provides strength to muscles and body. If you want to increase physical strength, you can consume this along with Ashwagandha powder. This can be used as an anti-aging remedy. It improves memory, concentration, skin complexion, strength, and immunity. It is widely used to treat frequent urination problems and it balances Vata, pitta, and Kapha. Basantkusumakar Ras for health is the remedy which can give strength to pancreas, heart, ovaries, brain, reproductive organs and lungs. Generally, this remedy is used to cure problems of these organs but now it can be used to cure diabetes-related problems too.

I think this is enough for you to accept that Basantkusumakar Ras for health is the perfect remedy. In fact, this can cure diseases more effectively than medicines. You can buy this ayurvedic medicine from any ayurvedic shop at affordable prices. One more thing you have to consult with your doctor before you start consuming this remedy.


doshageThe general dosages of Basantkusumakar Ras are

  1. for adults- 125mg to 1 tablet
  2. Old age- 125mg to 1 tablet
  3. Maximum possible dosage- 500mg per day.

As per these dosage amounts, you can consume this remedy but do not forgot to consult with your doctor. Other than this there is nothing to be serious about this medicine.


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